Scholarship Assistance

The scholarship assistance program will offer assistance to youth who have determination, aptitude and skill in a chosen field or pathway and give them the assistance and support they need to receive post-secondary education. CLYC wants to equip our youth with academic tools for an independent life. CLYC will take concrete actions to introduce youth to potential schools and help them complete tests, find funds, apply and prepare.

University & College Tours

The tours will expose youth to various selected universities & colleges.  This access will allow youth to consider various careers and college options. University and college tours will not only give youth a view of academic options but will also link their success in school now to expectations about opportunities for the future. The tours are arranged for groups of prospective students who travel by bus to explore several campuses. On each visit, students will be able to experience several aspects of college life.

Community Student Leaders/Volunteer Projects

Volunteering allows youth to apply academic knowledge, gain skills and experience, and contribute to the community.  The youth of CLYC will actively participate in many community service projects. As a result, youth will have shown leadership in social, civic, and philanthropic activities.

Environmental Programs (recycling, conservation)

This program will be designed to bring environmental education and foster a sense of stewardship for the youth. The program will engage youth to become more involved with local recycling. They will learn general environmental concepts such as, what is conservation, what is a watershed, using resources wisely, and environmental ethics. They will do a stewardship project focused on recycling and composting. Individuals at any age can improve the quality of our environment by putting into practice “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”.  The program will consist of having youth survey neighborhood recycling boxes, start a home composting project, promote an E-waste or household hazardous waste collection, research the life cycle of a product’s packaging, and become an America Recycles mentor for their school and CLYC. Youth will also be encouraged to develop a recycling idea of their own.

Field Trips

Field trips are a dynamic part of our organization. The field trip outings will not only serve to provide a fun recreational activity, but will support learning for all areas of the many programs offered at CLYC. The trips will be engaging and will also support school based initiatives such as mathematics, science, art, and world culture. CLYC works closely with educators, community leaders, and local businesses to create meaningful and exciting educational experiences.