Culinary Arts

The “Cooking for Life” program will provide youth with nutrition and cooking skills necessary to prepare healthy, affordable meals and snacks. By providing interactive and experiential learning and incorporating many aspects of food choice and preparation, “Cooking for Life” engages the youth  in trying new foods and in the act of improving behaviors and attaining nutritional knowledge.

Financial Management

Teaching basic money management skills to youth prepares them for the real world and the reality of debt. Financial advisers and accountants will show youth the value of money and will teach them how to save, invest, and spend wisely. Youth will learn to appreciate and manage their money.  Exposure to financial education at a young age will prepare youth to have financially successful futures.

Nutrition/Weight Management

TheFit for Life” nutrition program will assist children to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.  This program is based on innovative, culturally competent physical activity, food and nutrition education programming for the youth. Youth will be monitored and assessed on their achieved progress. Children will learn to make nutritious food choices and participate in a variety of exercises. They will discover that being fit can be fun!

Career Development

The youth career development program provides youth with challenging experiences to prepare them for transition into work, community, and on to adulthood.  Upon completion of this curriculum, each youth will develop a written Individual Life Plan, which will include their personal and professional goals and objectives; their resume, highlighting work experience gained through CLYC and outside internships; and documented outcomes from computer-based trainings and workplace performance.  This program will ensure more positive outcomes for CLYC youth transitioning to independent living and successful employment and careers.


The etiquette program teaches leadership skills that last a lifetime. Our goal is to give youth the necessary building blocks for a solid future, through poise, confidence, integrity and leadership in an entertaining environment. The workshops are engaging, age-appropriate, interactive programs where youth will learn the power of etiquette, how and why it is a valuable life-long skill that works to their benefit. They will learn and practice leadership, social, dining and communication skills to enable them to feel comfortable and self-assured on any occasion. Each workshop is interactive and is based on role plays and presentations.

Entrepreneurship Camp

The entrepreneurship camp is an opportunity to foster the entrepreneurial desires of youth.  The Youth Entrepreneurship Camp will utilize a 40-hour entrepreneur program curriculum. The curriculum incorporates a variety of educational training techniques including classroom instruction, interactive activities, computer lab, and field trips to local businesses. The camp will be a hands-on learning experience designed to guide the youth in becoming the owner of a real small business.  Youth will learn real world business skills: team building, leadership development, financial management, verbal communication, and business etiquette through interactive lessons and exercises. Youth will also learn how to successfully negotiate for business materials, set goals, and recognize real business opportunities.