“Children are the world most valuable resource and its best hope for the future."

—John Fitzgerald Kennedy


Youth, 7 to 19-year-olds face unique challenges. For many, the paths they choose during this time become the direction for the rest of their lives. Youth who grow up where opportunities are lacking, often find negative influences to fill the void.

The Color of Life Youth Center’s programs and activities are designed to give these amazing youth positive choices. The Color of Life is committed to building pathways of learning through culturally enriching programs and activities that will prepare and equip youth with the values, hope, and faith necessary to fulfill their life potential. The Color of Life provides a safe, nurturing, social environment where kids Connect, Learn & Grow.

About Color of Life

The Color of Life Youth Center was founded by Tonya Bias, and co-founded by Jalquetta Lear. Our passion and love of children are the driving forces of the organization.

Our Programs

We have numerous programs that are designed to enrich the life of Houston youth today so they can succeed tomorrow. Programs include creative arts, life skills, technology courses, sports activities, and more.

Ways To Give

We cannot complete our mission without the help of our wonderful supporters in the community. Learn how you can support the work of Color of Life by either donating or volunteering.