Music (Instrumental and vocal)

The music workshops aims to teach youth the basics of each instrument and vocals so youth get the chance to experience, play  & sing live music.  The program also encourages youth to write, record and produce their own music. Musical training fosters a child’s creativity and self-esteem and teaches the benefits of hard work and commitment. Best of all, an enjoyment of music – either performing or listening – lasts a lifetime.


The theatre program will be designed to engage, inspire, and unleash creative genius through fun and imaginative play. Creative drama and acting classes develops imagination, builds independent thinking, nurtures social growth, improves communication skills, increases knowledge of self, and provides a healthy release of emotions.

Dance (Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet)

The dance program will offer comprehensive training in dance, specializing in ballet, tap, West African dance, contemporary jazz and hip hop.   Youth will learn a sense of professionalism, self-discipline, concentration, self-confidence, the value of hard work and how to work in groups with their peers.  Youth will gain a love and appreciation for dance as an art form and a means of self-expression. At the end, students will have the opportunity to perform.


Youth will learn a variety of drawing and painting methods while using graphite and color pencils, pastels, color markers, crayons, water colors and acrylic paint. They will learn the fundamentals of drawing such as value, color, composition, scale, and perspective. Youth will have fun with pop art, cartooning, Anime and more. The drawing class aims to develop their imagination and creative expression. Both realistic and abstract expression will be explored as youth work from still life, observation and imagination.

Creative Writing

With an awareness of the critical need for more creative writing opportunities for at-risk youth, CLYC is collaborating with regional schools and organizational partners to introduce this enriching program to our youth. Participants will be able to articulate and reflect on their experiences in life through writing, improve critical thinking skills, and become lifetime readers. Creative writing skills foster good business writing and communication skills that support career goals. Classes are designed to be academically challenging and focus on the creative and analytical processes of writing.  Projects may include newspaper features, short stories, character studies, journals, or short dramatic productions.